Every year we make every attempt possible to maintain a low fee for participation.  For the 2023 season, the cost will be $350 in total. (plus applicable TeamSnap processing fees)  As in prior years, this amount will include 15 $10 raffle tickets used for our sporting goods gift card raffle throughout the season.  You may sell these to defray the total cost of registration.  For more details on this raffle, please see our fundraising page.

We understand that cost is of particular importance.  To assist, we have implemented two payment options for your convenience:

  • Payment in full at the time of registration
  • Installment Plan: Payment of a $50 deposit at the time of registration with 3 additional $100 monthly installment payments, automatically scheduled based on your method of payment with deposit.

Should you have particular hardship, where your player would like to participate but you're unable to pay the reduced deposit, please email in confidence. We as an organization believe every player has the right to play and we will make every attempt possible to ensure that every child that wants to play, can play.