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South Eastern Youth Football Alliance

UGYFO will participate in the South Eastern Youth Football Alliance (SEYFA) starting in the fall of 2014. To find more information on SEYFA, please visit

USA Football

USA Football is a yout football's national governing body, leads the game's development, inspires participation, and ensures a positive experience for all youth, high school, and other amateur players. UGYFO utilizes many of the tools provided by USA Football - including its Heads Up program - to encourage a safe and productive environment for its players. To find out more information on USA Football, please visit

Datalys Center concludes two-year youth football player safety study commissioned by USA Football

Concussion Information

Please remember that all injuries must be taken seriously, head injuries notwithstanding. The links to the right are for your information in regards to recognition of, and dealing with concussions. If your child has such symptoms they must be brought to a doctor for evaluation. No players will be allowed back on a field of play (practice or game) without the express written consent of a doctor following any head injury.

WIAA Website for Concussions

CDC Website for Concussions

Fact Sheet for Coaches

Sportsmanship - Teamwork - Character - Discipline - Dedication

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