Each player pays a fundraising deposit at registration for our raffle fundraiser.  For 2022, this amount is $150.  At our preseason parent meeting, each player will be issued raffle tickets from this deposit.  If you wish to recoup this cost, then you are able to sell the tickets.  This fundraiser is a weekly Friday raffle for various gift cards.

Because of the increased costs for new player equipment, the need for more agility equipment for practices, and growth to our overall program, we will be engaging in additional fundraising efforts throughout the season.  Some of these fundraisers may include a gun raffle, game day football raffle, helmet raffles and more.

If you have suggestions or would like to help in our fundraising efforts, please contact


Calls for volunteers will be posted as needed.  Parents are needed for half of each game to run the chains on the field.  Additionally, for home games, we run a concession stand with set up and clean up around the games.